Sophia Maria Design

by Sophia M. Amiano


-Sophia M. Amiano

A little about Sophia;

Growing up in the remodeling industry, I knew early on, this is where my passion lied. Design has always played a huge role in my life since I was young. From the clothes I wore to the way to the way I kept my room decorated, my eye for design came natural to me. Fast forward to today, I have become an award winning home remodeling designer, specializing in custom, luxury home design. I continue at my craft contiously as well as grow my families design-build firm, contiuing on with our 55+ year reputble name, process, and craftsmanship. However, the more time I spend in this industry the more I understand that the world of design and construction does not have a limit. My life's work has really become to go into someone's house, understand their dream, make it a reality, and leave them with a home that is completely their own. At the end of a project, when the client begins to talk about their future gatherings, events, and memories they plan to have in their newly renovated space, that is really something special. It is what makes this industry so giving and it is what continues to inspire me to go beyond the outlines to create completely custom, unique, home designs.